5 Stones Collective


Intervention by the 5 Stones Collective (Anna Moreno, Jobelle Tayawa & Kosta Tonev)

17th – 24th August 2010, Sanremo.

The CASINO intervention aims to focus on the concept of change and the way it is perceived by the community. By creating an controversial situation, we intended to provoke dialogue and discussion between the inhabitants of La Pigna.

With the creation of a fake announcement spread around the city through hanging posters and banners with slogans and logos, a phantom multinational company called “5 Stones Casino” informed the population about the possible acquisition of a historical building in La Pigna: the church of Santa Brigida, which has been under restoration for over 15 years. The company is planning to transform it into a Casino.

(photo by Jobelle Tayawa)

The population was informed that a public referendum would be held in the square of Santa Brigida, in which they would be able to vote whether they agree with this change or not. On the day of the referendum, a debate table was arranged in Piazza Santa Brigida. When the inhabitants approached it, they were informed about the fake and invited to join a wider debate on the concept and the need of change in their neighbourhood.

(photo by Jobelle Tayawa)

Usually, when talking about urban or coexistence changes within a specific context, inhabitants are unaware or even ignored in the main debates. The concept of change may differ from one person to another, and the situations of discussion at an equal level rarely occur. In a context like La Pigna, the question of conservation and the idea of progress acquire a particular significance, especially when related to Sanremo and the kind of amusement and leisure facilities the city offers.

By building a Casino in a historical emplacement, we are putting into question the way local heritage is preserved, and how local inhabitants are actually involved or informed in this preservation, in the same way, the relationship they establish with their own architectural environment is underlined.

The reactions that the Casino announcement provoked are essential to understand this relationship, even if there was no reaction at all. We pretend to determine what is the real implication of the people in La Pigna regarding the idea of change, their appreciation of the local heritage and their claims (if any) related to their conviviality.

for more about Anna, Jobelle and Kosta, please look for her on our residents page

(photo by Jobelle Tayawa)


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